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PESTController Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

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PESTController is an indoor mouse repellent device, an innovative, humane, and discrete way to banish mice from your property. When PESTController is activated, bursts of ultrasonic sound which humans cannot hear are released making the mice retreat from the protected area. The device deters any mice you may have in your house, garage, outhouse or shed. So there is no need to continue spending money on expensive poisons that are dangerous to pets and other animals.

  • An effective alternative to poisons and traps
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Proudly made in Great Britain
  • Power supply: 1 x 9-volt PP3 battery or use the optional mains adaptor.
  • Covers up to 100 sq m.
  • Ultrasonic sound can bounce off hard surfaces, but cannot travel through solid walls, doors, or objects as effectively
  • Not for outdoor use
  • Do not use in areas occupied by bats – has also been reported to deter rats

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Zammit
Getting Rid of Mice

Two days ago I received and immediatly placed one PestContoller in the pigeon loft where I have a mice problem. I also placed one on the stairs leading to the roof as somehow mice inter-connect with it through the double walls of the house even though the areas are quite some distance apart. More time is required for me to evaluate the full effect of the PestContoller, however, I can honestly say that the device works well as I observed dust and fine debris falling down from the roof; indicating that the mice are not comfortable with the ultrasonic sound and are moving off.