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Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

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Stop Dogs Barking with the Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent. The Dazer uses a non-harmful high-frequency sound audible to dogs but not to humans. The dog repeller stops dogs barking and calms aggressive dogs. Produced since 1987, the Dazer dog repellent is the original and the best dog repeller and is used worldwide by joggers, walkers, meter readers, bicyclists, police, home inspectors, fire or rescue teams, and many more! We offer Free Shipping!
  • Handheld ultrasonic dog deterrent
  • Easy and quick to operate
  • Compact, lightweight high-impact plastic unit with a handy belt clip
  • Works up to 5 meters (15ft)
  • Completely harmless to animals
  • 9V battery included
  • 11.43 x 5.72 x 3.18 cm; 118g
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Peter Hammond
A very effective dog self defence.

The Dazer is excellent at deterring dog from barking and against aggressive dogs with good hearing. It is first line of defence if you cannot avoid confrontation. Ten out of ten.

susan Broadbent

This is my second Dazer, the first one was well over 20 years old and bought to give me confidence when dogs ran up to me.
Now having my own dog, I found it very useful in curing a very annoying habit he had when meeting other dogs. If he regresses, I just give him a Daze to remind him ! It works for me

Allan Watson
Amazon make it hard to find UK Tyna international

By chance one Amazon review of your product mentioned the need to buy from Tyna international with full UK guarantee, and good backup for that buyer. Your company is not listed as a seller at all by Amazon at all. I had to work my way through Google to find you. Now I've bought it the nasty dog I was hoping to deter has stopped harassing me. But I'm ready. (And I avoid Amazon if I can.)

Kevin Murray
Dogs don’t react other than to turn their head

I’m sorry to say that after testing the device sent with our own and several other aggressive dogs it doesn’t effectively deter them. Our dogs can hear the device because they momentarily look sideways but then carry on barking regardless. It may work with some dogs but not on the first five I’ve tried it on. I certainly wouldn’t rely on it by delaying my escape if a pit bull terrier was coming towards me.

Paul S

THIS IS MY SECOND DAZER.I bought it because my other one broke after about 6 years. I use it to deter farm dogs on my bike and it had had several high speed drops with no problems. I might add that it does work. Several people have reviewed that they tried it on pets. This is unlikely to work since the pet is in a home environment and is relaxed. Many dogs attack through fear aggression, in this situation the situation as far as the dog is concerned is unstable and anything which surprises it is likely to work. I read a review that someone tried it on an aggressive pitbull and it didn't work. They are bred to attack and be impervious to distraction regardless of pain, so it won't.