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Guard'N Eyes
Balloon ScareCrow

This unique product helps keep Raptors (Hawks), Magpies and other predatory type birds away from your garden area and allows your garden birds to feed and nest in peace.

This product is widely used by racing pigeon fanciers to protect their racing pigeons. Through the recommendation of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds this balloon is also used to protect domestic garden areas, garden fish ponds (from Heron atacks), free range hens, etc., and many wildlife sanctuaries.

Guard'n Eyes has been featured on the BBC's Inventor's Eureka programme.

Guard'n Eyes is made of strong vinyl, bright yellow in colour, with a startling eye pattern around the circumference. It can be simply inflated to about 22 inches in diameter and comes with a hanging thread and a streamer tail.

In agricultural areas this balloon can also be used to protect fruit crops, etc. from feral birds.

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